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Creator, yogi, runner, minimalist. I dream of products and bring them to life with code.


Eliminating Distractions and Getting Stuff Done

Ryan BrightRyan Bright

The iPad 3 is here! If you were lucky enough to snag one of these cool, new gadgets last week, you're now viewing your email, news, ebooks, and videos on a high-resolution retina display. Consumption never looked so good!

But there's one feature Tim Cook didn't share during the keynote. Yes, that's right. You've just adopted a shiny, new form of distraction. Congratulations!

Full disclosure: I own a MacBook Pro, iPad 2, and iPhone 4S. I'm among you.

Thursday's release served as a gentle reminder that it is far too easy to connect to the outside world these days. I won't argue against the usefulness of mobile devices, but I will share a few tips that have worked well when trying to clear my mental runways of debris.

Information Addiction

As mentioned, it's just too easy to access information these days. Anyone else miss the Dewey Decimal System? No? Okay, here are a few information dieting tips.

If you find that you truly need to communicate with someone more frequently, email probably isn't the best medium for that communication.

Organization and Planning

Yes, even organization can be distracting. If you embrace any of the productivity pr0n that has come out of the previous decade, you might have a tendency to spend too much time planning. Rather than feeding you a spoonful of GTD, here are a few ways I combat the desire to structure my life when I'm trying to get stuff done.

Mobile Devices

There should be a modern version of "Paddidle" where the objective is to yell a word each time you see someone texting and driving. The world has become obsessed with the freedom of mobility, and it's often to the detriment of productivity. Here are a few ways to be truly free.

The Trusty Desktop

Most of us still do the bulk of our work at a desktop or laptop computer, and these feature just as many distractions as any of our other devices. Here are a few things I do to ensure focus when I'm working.

These are just a few of the methods I use to make myself more productive each day. I hope that you're able to apply some of them in your own pursuit of clarity and productivity. Remember: follow them incrementally and with patience. It takes time to develop new habits.

What do you do to make yourself more productive?

Creator, yogi, runner, minimalist. I dream of products and bring them to life with code.